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While I studied and trained to be an economist, I returned like a homing pigeon to my first and enduring love, Hindustani classical music (vocal). Fortunate to have found my Guru in Madhuritai Joshi, herself an accomplished and versatile singer, music has since been my abiding vocation, and honing my art, my most preferred occupation. My obsession with the khayal has only grown deeper and stronger with time. And, so infinitely rewarding!

A few years ago a quirk of fate threw me on to the path of writing. Words soon became my friends, and the glimmer of new ideas and evolving storylines drew me into people, times, places, histories, psyches, emotions, opinions, beliefs and ideologies.  And thence were born articles, memoirs, reviews, and stories. Hopefully books.

I also hope that some of what I have written and that I now share with you will resonate, reminding you of your own stories and of our collective truths.

Happily, the shimmering, alluring, magical beauty of the written word seduces me still. And I faithfully succumb to its hypnotic power, waiting to be led to realms that my mind had never glimpsed before.

My muse now has two avatars: words and music. Life is good.

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