Of Swans and Songs

Today, 10th of July, would have been my mother’s 88th birthday. It’s only befitting that I share pictures of her daughter’s creation, Of Swans and Songs, on this day.
Happy birthday, dearest Ai!









30 thoughts on “Of Swans and Songs

  1. Lovely way to remember your dear mother, Rohini. She would have been proud of you. We all are!

  2. What a wonderful homage, Looking forward to getting my paws on it, Cheers Ranj

    Sent from Ranj’s iPad


  3. I sure your mom is watching you and is feeling proud of this adorable daughter!!!!! We are waiting eagerly for this arrival

  4. A novel gesture to remember her birthday. Sure she will be proud. The photographs are nice too. Awaiting to read your book.

  5. Iam sure your mother is so happy today, and will remain forever, as you have always made her proud of your achievements.
    Best wishes

  6. What a lovely tribute to your mother, who had a big hand in broadening your
    mind, and your palette !! She would be very proud of you. I will read it at a
    leisurely pace, savoring it.

    1. Thank you, Anagha! Yes, my parents were avid readers themselves and there used to be intense discussions at home about plot lines, characters, language and writing styles. I miss chatting with them about all of that. Well,…

  7. A beautiful way to remember your mother,Rohini.Such well taken photos to go with it.Proud of you.

  8. Hi, Dear Rohini
    We are proud of you. I feel proud of being a classmate to such a brilliant and talented Indian lady. I am Hassan Ghanbari from Iran. It is since 1990 we have no news from you. I heard about yr problems in life. You may be shocked to hear my story. I lost my wife, Nahideh some ten years back in India. My daughters and I are carrying on without her.

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